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what to bring


  • jeans or sporty trousers

  • t-shirts and shorts/skirts

  • a set of warm clothes (although normally warm, we can experience a summer storm or few days of strong cold mistral)

    • long sleeve shirts for sun protection (and trousers if you have particularly sensitive skin)

    • hat with strap for sun protection

    • sunglasses with strap

    • beach and bath towel

    • swimming suits

    • sailing gloves (compulsory; we recommend lightweight full finger sailing gloves; fingerless are okay as well, except for delicate skin)

    • if you tend to be cold, a light neoprene fabric wet suit is recommended

    • neoprene wetsuit sailing shoes (compulsory) 


For the dinghy courses

  • shorts you can comfortably wear on the dinghy boat

  • neoprene knee protections 


Other gear

  • sleeping bag or a blanket and bed linen

  • pillow

  • your own medications

  • sun screen (SPF 30 or above), lip balm

  • optional: snorkel gear

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