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Life at the sailing club
Torre Guaceto
Life at the sailing centre is a unique experience: everyone contributes becoming leading actor of an immersive experience, in a collaborative small society with full respect for the natural environment that hosts us.
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non profit amateur sports association 

Our purpose is to promote sailing activities through recreational nautical courses from beginner level up to sailing clinics, hosted in a dedicated beach club immersed in the nature reserve of Torre Guaceto, in Puglia (Italy). 

The sailing club Centro Velico is located in the Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto. The reserve stretches over a protected coastline of 8 km and its front sea area, constituting a stunning mixture of a long sandy beach, a savage swamp, rocky bays and untouched seabed.

You can learn sailing dinghies, catamarans and windsurfing, whether you are a beginner or an expert searching for an ultimate advanced stage. Our classes allow also novices to enjoy autonomous sailing in just one week. All this in a fun and laid back atmosphere that will make your holiday a unique experience!

The Centro Velico Torreguaceto is affiliated to Federazione Italiana Vela (FIV), the the International Sailing School Association (ISSA) and to the Associazione Italiana delle Scuole di Vela (AISVE).

Sailing activities take off from our sandy beach, in the protected marine reserve facing the centre, perfectly located thanks to the constant summer winds, with mistral being the dominating one, in a patrolled safe environment.


What you can expect during your week, plus a few surprises



The sailing centre heart is an old “masseria” facing the sea. 

The simple building hosts the kitchens, the areas dedicated to the teaching and recreational activities, the sails shelter, the boat laboratory and an office.

Toilets are in a separate area, are shared and organized as in a camping site. 


Sleeping as well is organized as in a camping site with two options: 

 bring your own tent, which you can pitch under the tamerici shadow


 sleep in the bunk beds we offer in large tents surrounding the masseria

The masseria and all facilities are simple and in respect of the wildlife environment hosting us. It is a true escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

With your sailing mates you will support the meal preparation one day during the week, as everyone contributes to the daily activities. This will not interfere with your class, since your teacher will organize the boat and sailing activity to give you the extra time you need.
A Captain (capo base) is officially guiding the activities during the week, carried out by qualified teams of sailing instructors, cooks and other volunteers that are experienced team members which come to Torre Guaceto frequently, to spend their holidays in this magic environment. 


We are all volunteers collaborating to organize activities in the sailing center, bringing our skills and enthusiasm. We are organized based on different roles: Sailing and Windsurf Instructors, Cooks, Active Members, Engineers

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